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The Last Supper is a multimedia, project-based collaborative festival that addresses the act of consumption. Viewing the creative process as a cyclical, communally interactive conversation between media, it is a non-profit benefit for artists and the Food Bank for NYC. The Last Supper is a curated, indoor-outdoor salon of ideas occurring in Brooklyn during the crux of seasonal change from Summer to Fall.


Last Supper 2010 Art- Justin Riley

Title: DiscoBike/(Documented interactive performance) Size: 7′ x 63″ x 30″ Media:

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Last Supper Film 2010- Chris Cassidy

Director: Chris Cassidy Title: Dennis and Lois Clip Genre: Documentary Length: 5 minutes Interpretat

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Shelly Sabel_TLS
Last Supper Food Artist 2010 – Shelly Sabel

Artist: Shelly Sabel www.shellysabel.com GRAND PRIZE WINNER – 2010 GSS Jell-O Mold Competition

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Last Supper Music 2010- AURAL Curated by BLANKS NYC

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TLS Farms/Chefs 2010- Aneikit Bonnel

Artist: A. BONNEL Project Title: MAKING MR. SOFTEE Size: APPROX 4’ X 5’ PROJECTION Cost: $1.75 P

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